Training your pup takes patience


Basic Obedience


Behavior Modification


Off-Leash Training


Puppy Training

The trainers at the K9303 specialize in a vast array of canine behavior modification. We have found most success comes when owners understand the why and how of their situation and the training. Throughout our training, we are able to customize the plan of action for each dog. Our knowledge and experience allow us to adjust tactics and the training approach as we progress with the individual dog and owner.

On or off-leash control, we use the remote collar to communicate with the dog from a distance. Our remote collar method is communication-based, not corrective. In order to begin training your dog off-leash, we require the dog to be at least 6 months old and have all of their basics commands down 100%, without food. We also require a minimum commitment of 5 sessions for this type of advanced obedience training.

Unlike traditional puppy classes, our puppy training addresses the individual dog and the stage of life they are in. We focus on creating and establishing a healthy owner-puppy relationship while building a great foundation of obedience. Basic commands include heel, sit, down, place, stay and introduction to recall, in addition to overall manners (no jumping, no biting). We have found that beginning the puppy training process early on eliminates future issues by the dog learning good habits and commands. Our trainers also take the time to educate puppy owners on proper dog handling, dog behavior and other general knowledge about their puppy.

Custom Obedience Classes

With private and group sessions, our dog training packages in Denver, Colorado customize training to you and your dog. Private dog training focuses on specific behaviors and issues, while group sessions put you and your dog in a high distraction environment to ensure the obedience training is effective regardless of where you bring your dog.




Our dog training classes work on everything from: